Using High-quality video with Cisco WebEx™ web conferencing

How do I get WebEx high-quality video?

High-quality video is included with WebEx Meeting Center. Standard WebEx video is included with other WebEx applications.

How much do WebEx video services cost?

WebEx video services are included in the cost of your WebEx service. High-quality video services are included only with WebEx Meeting Center.

What high-quality options are available to WebEx Site Administrators and hosts?

Site Administrators are able to:

  • Set maximum video quality resolution per site
  • Specify whether the host has the ability to schedule high-quality video meetings

Hosts can:

  • Schedule high-quality video meetings if given access by their WebEx Site Admin
  • Set the maximum video quality when scheduling a meeting

How can I see my colleagues in full screen video?

Double click on the video in the participant panel; full screen theatre mode will be initiated enabling you to see the main speaker and five other video screens. Scroll across to see a wider audience.

What kind of video camera should I use with WebEx video services?

Any type of camera will work, from webcams to high-end digital video cameras. Choose a camera that fits your feature requirements, budget, and target setup time.

The following cameras have been tested and work well with WebEx high-quality video: Cisco VT Camera II, Cisco VT Camera III, Logitech Quick Cam Pro 9000, Microsoft Lifecam HD, and Tandberg PrecisionHD.

Many WebEx users find a high quality USB webcam to be an ideal choice. The Logitech QuickCam USB webcam works well for standard WebEx video.

Is there a way to control the amount of bandwidth used for video?

Yes. For standard WebEx video, control the maximum video bandwidth using the Congestion Control Meter. Access the Congestion Control Meter through the Options button on the video panel. Or, let the site administrator define a maximum video bandwidth for your organization.

What does WebEx video services require for network capacity and bandwidth?

For the use of WebEx high-quality video services, we generally recommend network bandwidth above 1Mbps per participant. Ideally, a dual-core PC with 2.0Ghz and 1Gb RAM should be used. The minimum network bandwidth should be at least 320Kbps per participant.

Overall, congestion and performance control is built into the system. Video quality is automatically adjusted in the event of a lack of network or computing resources.

Standard WebEx video generally requires bandwidth between 90-130Kbps per video participant at the default configuration, which is QCIF resolution (176 x144 pixel) at 15fps.

Is high-quality video available for WebEx Event Center, WebEx Support Center, and WebEx Training Center?

WebEx Training Center offers single-point video (SPV) and multipoint video (MPV) allowing participants to see up to six live webcams in standard video resolution.

WebEx Event Center and WebEx Support Center both support SPV.

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