Best practices

In order to allow you to make the most of your WebEx service, we have provided you with a series of hints and tips to help you successfully conduct your WebEx conferences.

Test and experiment

Before you host a meeting using WebEx, be sure to run a test. Make sure your presentation loads as expected and you become familiar with the flow of your meeting within the console. Practice using the tools you will utilise within the meeting, i.e. annotation tools.

Share a website, application, or your desktop

Sharing a website, application or your desktop is more interactive than using screenshots in your presentation, and you can turn over control of the application to other participants. This allows you to demonstrate dynamic content and break up the monotony of slide pushing.

Make chat an integral part of your presentation

Tap into your audience by asking questions through chat. It's a more informal way than Polling to ask participants for feedback.

Use all annotation tools

Add energy to your presentation by using a variety of annotation tools. Highlight key points and information as you talk about them. Be careful not to give everyone annotation privileges, as it can easily become confusing.

Share your file

Transfer files, documents, or the presentation to your participants immediately. Stay top-of-mind with your participants by leaving them with something concrete.

Poll your audience

Provides your audience with a chance to share ideas and allows you to collect valuable information from them. Create your poll questions in advance and insert them into the presentation before your participants join the meeting. Use the circle if you only want participants to check one answer. Use the square if you want to allow for multiple selections or answers. To get an accurate participant count, be sure to ask participants how many people are in the room with them.


To avoid disruptions, tell your participants to mute their phone. If you are using TeamConnect Reservationless, the chairperson can press * then 5 to mute all participants.

Move slowly

When hosting a web conference call, move slowly between applications to allow for a smooth transition for your users. Application sharing uses more bandwidth; smooth movement within the meeting improves the user experience.

Technical support

For audio or web conferencing support during a call or for any technical issues, please press * then 0 on your phone, and a conferencing coordinator will assist you.

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