Event Call features

Features available before the call

Global access Simplify access to your meetings by providing local, in-country telephone numbers for participants from over 50 countries.
Meeting entry Tailor your participants' entry into your meeting to your needs using either attended meet and greet, pre-registration or instant access.
Pre-registration Track conference registration and attendance, with the option to collect additional information about individuals* who register for your conference, helping you to plan your message and the number of lines required.
Restricted list Enhance the privacy of your meeting by having BT Conferencing admit only those participants identified on a list you provide.

Features available during the call

Communication line Communicate with your Event Manager over a separate and discrete line during your meeting to coordinate the flow of your meeting.
Interpretation Provide live interpretation of your meeting into other languages.
Lecture mode Mute all lines, apart from the speaker's, to reduce background noise.
Mute Participants can mute their own phone line to eliminate background noise.
Playback Present pre-recorded segments during your meeting.
Question & answer Manage question and answer sessions using your Event Manager to moderate the order and pace of questions.
Roll call Have the names of all the participants announced within the meeting.
Sub-conferences Conduct a private, secure meeting apart from your main meeting where small groups can have detailed discussions. This feature is ideal for speakers to convene prior to a meeting or for break-out sessions.
Vantage Point View all aspects of your call with a real-time, web-based application. With Vantage Point you can view a list of the participants in your meeting, prioritise the question & answer queue and chat directly with your Event Manager.
Voting / polling Solicit feedback during your meeting by having participants use their telephone key pad to give instant feedback based on multiple-choice questions.
Web collaboration Add a visual element to your meetings by using BT Web Conferencing to complement your Event Call share documents and presentations.

Features available after the call

Participant list Obtain a list of the participants who attended your meeting.
Transcription Obtain a text version of your meeting.
Translation Have your transcripts translated into any common business language of the world.

Certain features carry an additional charge. Not all features are available with all meeting entry options. Please contact BT Conferencing for more details.

* Subject to the Data Protection Act.

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