FAQs - Event Call

01. What is Event Call?

Event Call is a booked audio conferencing service, designed specifically for larger conferences from 50 to over 2500 participants.

02. What are the common uses of Event Call?

Event Call is ideal for formal meetings and mass communications to large audiences:

  • Multinational conferences
  • Company announcements
  • Training courses
  • Global financial reviews
  • Project progress meetings
  • Seminars and lectures

03. What do I need to use Event Call?

To use Event Call all you need is a landline or mobile phone, preferably with a tone-dialing facility for each participant.

04. What is Event Call Global Access?

Event Call Global Access enables people from over 50 countries to join a booked conference by using a local dial-in number.

05. What support does Event Call offer to ensure my conference call is run successfully?

With Event Call, you benefit from the services of an expert Event Management team to help you before, during and after the conference, which gives you the reassurance that will help ensure your conference runs smoothly.

06. Which features can I have on a Event Call ?

  • Event management at no extra cost to help you plan and manage your conference
  • Pre-registration to allow organisers to track conference registration and attendance
  • Security ensured by a unique passcode for each conference
  • Pre-booking to guarantee number of lines
  • Automated dial-in for fast access
  • Coordinator assistance, as required

TeamConnect Conferencing
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Global Toll
+1 617 786 4193

or Dial your Global Access Number, and follow the prompts (1 to join conference, 2 for Help Desk)

Some services may not be available in your region.